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Olivia Gardner

Virtual Design & Construction Manager

What do you enjoy best in your job as VDC Manager? What inspires you? What I love about my job is using the latest virtual construction technologies to vet and resolve issues before they happen in the field. I can see a direct correlation with productivity...  ... Read More

Jessica Flaherty

Assistant Project Manager

What’s the most exciting project you’ve worked on to date? As an Assistant Project Manager in BOND’s Civil & Utility Division, I work on a lot of infrastructure projects. My current project is the Western Avenue Utility Crossing and Roadway Realignment....  ... Read More

Stacey Rivera

Project Manager

How have women’s roles in the construction industry changed since you started your career? Are there more opportunities now? When I graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology in 1995, there were approximately 10 women in my class pursuing Architectural...  ... Read More

Ximena Cruz

Assistant Project Manager

Why did you choose construction management as your chosen career path?  Did you have any mentors that encouraged you? My parents had a big influence on my career path to go into the construction industry. They are architects in Guatemala. While growing up,...  ... Read More

pam bailey

Pam Bailey

Project Manager

What do you like best about being a Project Manager?  What inspires you? I’ve always been drawn towards history, craftsmanship and the human thumbprint on the built environment. What I love about my job are the historical restoration projects; restoring...  ... Read More

Stephanie McCarthy

Project Engineer

Stephanie joined BOND as a project engineer and is currently working on the Salem Harbor Energy Center project. A ‘day in the life’ for Stephanie involves assisting project managers with...  ... Read More