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The Tech Advantage for Owners: 5 Questions with Chris Fogg and Olivia Gardner

Posted on December 3, 2018

Technology innovation is transforming the way we plan, manage risk, and build. Translating digital advances into tangible benefits for clients, however, is often missing in all the industry hype. We asked Chris Fogg and Olivia Gardner of BOND’s Integrated Services Group to describe what’s new in construction-related technology, and how new tools and methods are changing the client experience.

Chris and Olivia, what game-changing technology should we all know about?

Chris: A few years back it was laser scanning, which most clients now know is enormously beneficial. The next new technology we see as game changing is augmented reality. By using a Microsoft HoloLens, we can immerse ourselves in the holographic construction model which provides a full-scale, realistic preview of how a space will look and function. Instead of viewing the 3D images only on a computer, we get to see them in their intended space and how everything works together so we spot problems or conflicts before and while we build.

Olivia: As Chris says, it is changing the game for our clients. The efficiency and quality control value are dramatic. Without the HoloLens technology, we needed to rely solely on the BIM plans. When these models were brought to the field, they were seen on an iPad or a computer screen. Now, we have the benefit of projecting the modeled section in front of you. At actual scale, you can see the modeled section overlaid on current site conditions. This virtual test fit provides a tangible benefit for everyone from the owner to the builder to the facilities staff.

By utilizing HoloLens technology, BOND’s team at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute Cancer Research Lab Fit-Out project saw in real-time how the BIM design and construction model aligned and fit before construction began. This technology provides a “mixed-reality” and a 100%-scale view, overlaying virtual images from the BIM with the existing field conditions. Conflicts and alignment issues on complex HVAC and piping, for example, can be detected and adjusted in advance of construction.

What is the response you are seeing from clients?

Chris: Many of our clients don’t often enough read drawings or BIM diagrams to fully visualize their building. This can often create the opportunity to fill in the gaps with their own vision of the project. And it’s not unusual for clients to walk through their building during the late stages of construction and say ‘Gee, that’s not how I thought it was going to look.’ Augmented reality technology can’t solve that issue completely, but it can get us all much closer to providing a realistic preview of how a space will look and function before it is built.

We recently walked through the new Stonehill College business school site with our client’s leadership group. When the construction state was only foundations and steel beams, they were able to virtually walk around and view the inside and outside of the finished building thanks to the HoloLens. This makes it easier to see things as they will be built, and to easily make adjustments based on that realistic experience.

How does augmented reality reduce schedule time and cost on project?

Olivia: With greater use by all our trade partners and by superintendents and foremen, we can spot issues of conflict or insufficient space before they impact the schedule or the budget. In most cases, it’s not what they are installing now that needs to be seen in the HoloLens or in augmented reality, it’s the systems around them that haven’t been installed yet. If they opt to make a deviation in the field, the hologram would show that, no, you can’t move that pipe because there’s going to be a cable tray there eventually. For all the trades to operate at full efficiency and stay on schedule, it is paramount to avoid rework and to help answer the what-ifs that come up in everyday construction.

Stacks of paper plans at the project site during construction have quickly become extinct thanks to what we call our “BIM Box.” The unit and the iPad provide easy access by all the project trade partners to the current BIM, ensuring each skilled trade is working from the same up-to-the moment model. The BIM Box is a mobile, interactive resource that saves time and introduces a game-changing level of quality control and collaboration during construction.

What other changes are happening as technology evolves?

Olivia: I see the technology advancing collaboration among all the parties designing and building today. Adapting new technology to solve our shared challenges and problems earlier is the goal. At BOND, we see closer integration of disciplines and perspectives as key to our Lean approach and its principle of continuous improvement.

Chris: To provide the maximum value, we believe we need to be involved from the first conversations during project pursuit all the way through commissioning and turnover of the building. We formed a cross-discipline Integrated Services Group that brings together our tech capabilities – laser scanning, virtual design and construction, reality capture, and augmented reality – with our MEP expertise – and our quality control program. This fosters Lean practices across the entire project team.

BOND’s Integrated Services Group includes MEP experts who work side-by-side with BOND’s Virtual Design & Construction and Reality Capture specialists to provide a thorough planning and implementation program. Investing resources and quality management in properly configured and installed MEP systems is the best way to mitigate risk in building today’s complex projects. BOND’s Chris Fogg, Director, Integrated Services and Hristina Toncheva, Assistant MEP Superintendent, MEP Services, are shown reviewing installation progress and quality control.

In closing, is there something you wish everybody knew about technology adoption?

Chris:  One important thing is that technology doesn’t solve problems. A big misconception is that wow, now that we’ve got all this great technology, our project’s going to be successful. It’s not the technology, it’s the process, it’s the people, and it’s the culture of the entire project team. Success comes from what surrounds the technology and from a trust in the process and the people behind it.

I was talking with Olivia today about a project she is working on. The conventional thinking is that hey, we used Revit, we did clash detection, this job’s going to go smoothly. But an exhaust vent was too close to an air intake, and that creates a problem with the building code. To do that review was an extra layer of problem solving that Olivia added beyond the model. It’s these above and beyond catches that come from having a process, a workflow of checking items that aren’t in the model, but you know will occur in real-world conditions, that lead to success.

Olivia: Another part to this human side is that much of this technology, to be candid, is a younger generation tool. The adoption of tools such as BIM is a lot easier there. But it’s the lessons learned from the senior staff, the project managers, the superintendents, our trade partners, and how well we extract that knowledge and apply it to a BIM, that makes technology perform as it should.

Using digital tools, including our advanced Touch Quality Assurance/Quality Control technology, Olivia Gardner, Virtual Design & Construction Manager, completes a routine check of new mechanical installations. Olivia communicates frequently with the project owner, architect, and subcontractors to share field updates.


Bryan Gubbins Joins BOND as Director of Business Development, Select Projects Group and Life Sciences

Posted on November 26, 2018

(Boston, MA) – BOND, the Northeast’s premier building, civil, utility and energy construction firm announces the hiring of Bryan Gubbins, Director of Business Development. Bryan will develop and strengthen client relationships within BOND’s higher education, historic preservation, life sciences and corporate/commercial sectors requiring a speed-to-market delivery method. He will work closely with Vern Rich, Vice President, Select Projects Group and Mike Walsh, Vice President, Healthcare & Life Sciences to grow the company’s portfolio of renovation and interior construction projects throughout Greater Boston.

Prior to BOND, Bryan was the Director of Real Estate for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). He was also the Director of Business Development at Shawmut Design and Construction for the corporate, healthcare and life sciences markets and serving the same markets at William A. Berry & Son (now Suffolk Construction). In addition to his construction industry experience, Bryan has a strong civic leadership background having served as Legislative Assistant for the Office of U.S. Representative James T. Walsh and Selectman for the Town of Manchester-by-the-Sea.

“We are pleased to welcome Bryan to the BOND team,” said Frank Hayes, BOND’s Chief Operating Officer. “Bryan is a top performer and proven business development professional. He has worked with numerous clients across many sectors and understands the requirements of the local markets. He brings the best of what BOND has to offer in understanding client’s needs.”

BOND’s Select Projects Group (SPG) offers a unique Integrated Services model that includes laser scanning, HoloLens augmented reality, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Lean building strategies to accelerate the schedule, lower cost and minimize risk. SPG clients include Harvard University, Bentley University, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Massachusetts General Hospital and the Broad Institute. Recent projects include Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Gutman Library and the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) Science Center Lecture Hall Renovation.

BOND Announces Anthony Bond as President and Kane Cuddy as Chief Operating Officer, Civil & Utility

Posted on October 18, 2018

(Boston, MA) – BOND, the Northeast’s premier building, civil, utility and energy construction firm, announces the promotions of Anthony “Tony” Bond, as President and Kane Cuddy as Chief Operating Officer for BOND’s Civil & Utility Division. (Pictured left to right: Tony Bond, Kane Cuddy)

Tony Bond and Kane Cuddy bring more than 30 years of experience, leadership and expertise to BOND’s Civil & Utility Division that presently operates in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey and the newly opened Bronx, NY office.

In their new roles, they will spearhead BOND’s long-range strategic plan developing integrated solutions to align BOND’s exceptional services and capabilities with client’s needs. This initiative keeps BOND at the forefront of industry trends and innovations and strengthens the company for continued growth in the Civil & Utility market. They will also play an important role to continue developing business as BOND expands capabilities across the Northeast.

“Tony and Kane have contributed outstanding knowledge and expertise to BOND’s client needs. They will pursue our strategic goals in the evolving Civil & Utility market,” said Robert Murray, President of BOND. “Working across the entire organization, Tony and Kane will collaborate with all our business unit leaders and stakeholders to integrate our expertise to continue the success and growth of the firm, as we evolve and work to stay aligned with our customers.”

As BOND’s Civil & Utility President, Tony is responsible for the strategic direction and long-term growth of the Division. He is a fifth generation Bond, having grown up in the construction industry and with many years of hands-on construction experience concentrating on complex projects for power & energy clients, as well as clients in the academic and corporate spaces. He previously held the position of Vice President of Oil & Gas showing tremendous leadership in developing BOND’s New Haven and New York City office, as well as extending the firm’s reach to the Mid-Atlantic markets.

Tony received his Master of Science in Construction Management from Wentworth Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Vermont. He is also an alumnus of the Harvard Business School and in 2015 was named one of ENR New England’s Top Young Professionals.

Kane’s depth of experience is impressive, and his approachable business demeanor is refreshing. He has been with BOND for more than 15 years, with previous roles including Vice President of Operations, Vice President of Civil Infrastructure, Director of Operations and Project Manager. As Chief Operating Officer, he will oversee the operations and financial success of the Division. He has managed the successful delivery of numerous projects within the oil, gas, electric, power generation and civil infrastructure markets. Some of his projects include the Middletown-Norwalk 345kV Underground Transmission Line in Connecticut, the Hoosac Wind project and the NSTAR Newton-West Roxbury Cooling Line.

Kane holds an MBA from Boston University and a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Wentworth Institute of Technology. He is also a Commissioned Officer of the U.S. Army, Northeastern University ROTC 2005.

BOND Celebrates Grand Opening of New Bronx Office with New York Building Congress President & CEO Carlo A. Scissura and Clients

Posted on September 26, 2018

(Bronx, NY)BOND, the Northeast’s premier building, civil, utility and energy construction firm, recently celebrated the grand opening of its New York City office, located at 34 Marconi Street in the Bronx. Special guest speaker Carlo A. Scissura, President & CEO of the New York Building Congress welcomed BOND to the city along with clients, business partners, colleagues and employees.

Leading the office is Dan Foppiano, BOND’s Regional Manager of NYC. He will work closely with Tony Bond, President of Civil & Utility to foster new clients in the oil & gas, electric transmission & distribution, power generation and civil infrastructure markets.

“This is an exciting time for construction in the Bronx and surrounding communities,” said Carlo A. Scissura, President & CEO, New York Building Congress. “BOND serves a valuable role delivering safe and reliable utilities to New York City residents and is a critical part of the tremendous construction growth the Bronx has been experiencing. We welcome this great New England company to ‘Yankee Country’ and are thrilled to see their investment in the Bronx and New York City!”

“We look forward to our new home base in New York City,” said Kane Cuddy, BOND’s Chief Operating Officer, Civil & Utility. “We’ve established many successful client relationships and business partnerships throughout the region. Demand for our utility infrastructure services in the city has grown in this booming economy and our new office will allow us to better respond to the complex needs of our clients.”

Some of BOND’s NYC clients include ConEdison, National Grid, Port Authority of New York/New Jersey and Bloom Energy. Recent projects include ConEdison’s Bronx 16” Inlet Gas Pipeline, the Port Authority NY/NJ Gate Valve, National Grid’s Chelsea Gate as well as others.

For more information on BOND’s New York service offerings, please contact Dan Foppiano, Regional Manager, NYC, BOND at or 857-301-3278.

BOND Welcomes Bruce Brown, Vice President, Southern New England, C&U

Posted on September 13, 2018

(Boston, MA) – BOND, the Northeast’s premier building, civil, utility and energy construction firm announces the hiring of Bruce Brown as Vice President, Southern New England, Civil & Utility. Bruce will oversee the operations of BOND’s C&U Division in Connecticut, Western Massachusetts and affiliated regions. He will focus on strengthening BOND’s services in oil & gas, electric transmission & distribution, power generation and civil infrastructure markets.

Bruce will draw from over 34 years’ construction and business management experience to drive sales and build client relationships throughout the region. With a focus on safety and quality, Bruce is strongly suited for the position with a diverse energy project portfolio. His experience includes gas & electric plants, transmission lines, LNG/CNG delivery, utility plants, renewable energy farms and various industrial projects. He has worked with Eversource, Exelon, Avangrid, Piedmont Gas, UGI Energy Services, Holyoke Gas & Electric, Dominion and TransCanada.

“Bruce will play a key role in the success of BOND in the development of its Southern New England office,” said Thomas Baillie, BOND’s Executive Vice President, Civil & Utility. “He brings strong executive management and a results-proven track record building teams and exceeding client goals in the civil & utility construction markets. We are pleased to have him on board.”

Prior to joining BOND, Bruce was Chief Operating Officer of NG Advantage, where he oversaw gas plant operations, transportation, logistics and future expansion. Previously he was Vice President & General Manager for Cianbro Corporation for the Oil, Gas & Chemical Market. Bruce is a graduate of the University of Connecticut (UConn) and a licensed Electrical Unlimited Contractor E1 in Connecticut and Massachusetts. He currently resides in Thomaston, Connecticut.

BOND Tops Off Stonehill College School of Business Building

Posted on August 30, 2018

(Boston, MA)BOND, the Northeast’s premier building, civil, utility and energy construction firm celebrated the Topping Off of Stonehill College’s Leo J. Meehan School of Business building. The ceremony marked the last steel beam raised on the new 65,000 SF facility. It was attended by Stonehill faculty, students, administrators and trustees as well as representatives from W.B. Mason and design partners including S/L/A/M Collaborative and Bard Rao + Athanas Consulting Engineers.

Named in honor of W.B. Mason’s CEO and Stonehill alumnus, Leo J. Meehan, the $30 million School of Business building brings together world-class technology and innovative spaces that enhance the College’s already strong programs in accounting, finance, international business, economics, management, marketing and healthcare administration. It features Bloomberg rooms, simulated trading rooms, advanced business innovation studios and maker spaces. It will be completed by fall 2019.

“We are pleased to be part of such an important project that is changing the face of the Stonehill campus.” said Dan Ramos, BOND’s Regional Manager, Southern New England. “There is a wonderful synergy between the project team and Stonehill in delivering this transformative new facility. It’s an honor to stand here today and celebrate this next construction milestone.”

BOND and SLAM recently completed the College’s Academic and Welcome Center prior to the fall semester of the 2018 school year. Other past partnership projects on campus include the Thomas and Mary Shields Science Center. BOND also provided construction management services for the Rev. Mark T. Cregan C.S.C. Athletic and Fitness Center at the Sally Blair Ames Sports Complex

Kristan Koch Promoted to Chief Financial Officer, Civil & Utility Division

Posted on August 20, 2018

(Boston, MA)BOND, the Northeast’s premier building, civil, utility and energy construction firm announces the promotion of Kristan Koch to Chief Financial Officer, Civil & Utility Division. Kristan has over 25 years’ experience within the construction management industry. She joined BOND in January 2017 as division controller and has demonstrated excellent leadership and commitment to building a strong C&U Division finance team.

Kristan will oversee the accounting and financial management of the Division, focused on markets such as oil & gas, electric transmission & distribution, power generation and civil infrastructure. She plays a key role in aligning overall strategy with bottom line performance, engaging with corporate leadership to implement policies and procedures that drive growth and improve operational efficiencies.

“Kristan brings a wealth of industry experience to our team, along with being a sharp leader, motivator and mentor within the organization,” said Tom Baillie, BOND’s Executive Vice President, Civil & Utility Division. “She has the right understanding of our people and client needs and we are thrilled to see her step into this new role.”

Kristan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Utica College and previously held finance positions for Shawmut Design and Construction and Turner Construction. She is co-chair of the BOND Women’s Professional Group and resides in Bradford, Massachusetts.

BOND’s New Haven Connecticut Office Expands; Adds Building Division Team

Posted on August 6, 2018

(Boston, MA)BOND, the Northeast’s premier building, civil, utility and energy construction firm announces the expansion of its New Haven, Connecticut office. BOND adds a team of professionals to service traditional Building Division clients in the education, healthcare and district energy markets. This announcement comes on the heels of several new project wins for clients such as the University of Connecticut (UCONN) and Yale University.

BOND is pleased to announce the following construction professionals committed to the Connecticut market:

“We are excited to expand our New Haven, Connecticut office with an exceptional new Building Division Team,” said Daniel Ramos, BOND’s Regional Manager, Southern New England“We’ve established many successful client relationships and business partnerships throughout Connecticut and Southern New England. This team will allow us to provide the most reliable services to our clients.”

BOND’s Connecticut office is located at 370 James Street, Suite 405, New Haven, CT 06513. The company’s Civil & Utility Division also operates out of this office, providing services for markets such as Civil Infrastructure, Electric T&D and Oil and Gas Services.

For more information on BOND’s New Haven Building Division services, please contact Bo Koloski, Director of Client Services at or 401.429.0808.

Providence Public Library Announces BOND as Construction Manager for Transforming Renovation of its Downtown Building

Posted on July 19, 2018

(Providence, RI) – Providence Public Library (PPL) has engaged BOND, the Northeast’s premier building, civil, utility and energy construction firm, as construction manager for the state’s largest-ever public library renovation beginning later this summer. During an official public announcement on July 13th, PPL unveiled their plans for the new building project. The event was attended by members of Rhode Island’s congressional delegation, including Senator Jack Reed, as well as PPL trustees, executives, major project funders and the project team.

The $25 million project will address required life safety systems upgrades, as well as make major infrastructure improvements to PPL’s downtown buildings (150 Empire Street). The 83,000-square foot project will transform the Library’s 1950s wing, auditorium, and special collection areas to provide 21st-century library services for Providence and Rhode Island residents.

“This renovation plan and the improvements to be made to the Library’s primary service areas are a centerpiece of our ongoing THINK AGAIN Strategic Plan for re-imagining and transforming our library. With these upgrades and modernization of these 65-year-old buildings, we will better be able to deliver the programs and services we’ve outlined to meet the evolving needs of our diverse community of library users in Providence and statewide,” said Jack Martin, PPL Executive Director.

“We are excited about our work and contribution to the City of Providence and the State of Rhode Island as construction manager for the PPL,” said Dan Ramos, Regional Manager, BOND’s Providence Office. “BOND is proud to work with the PPL stakeholders on this transformative civic project.”

“I am thrilled to be working on the PPL project as a lifelong Rhode Islander who has enjoyed the library resources,” said Kim Silvestri, BOND Project Executive. “I am looking forward to continuing our collaborative partnership.”

The project is scheduled to begin this August and take place in stages over approximately 18 months. The project will be funded in part by an $8.8 million grant from the Rhode Island Office of Library and Information Services. An additional approximately $4 million will be announced in the coming weeks. A $200,000 grant from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts will partially fund the renovation of the Auditorium. The Library has undertaken a capital campaign to fund the project and is pleased to announce a leadership gift of $1 million from Rosalyn Sinclair, in addition to other gifts and pledges to date.

“This project is consistent with PPL’s long-standing commitment to provide Rhode Island residents with high-quality, high-impact services and experiences while welcoming all to explore, learn, and achieve their goals,” said Robert Edwards, PPL Board Chair.

The project architect is designLAB of Boston, the same firm that served as the architect for PPL’s 1900 building renovation completed in January 2013.

About PPL

PPL is an independent, non-profit organization founded in 1875, governed by a Board of Trustees, and supported primarily through private funding sources, including its own PPL Foundation.  PPL provides services and resources to more than 152,000 visitors annually.  The Library also serves as the Statewide Reference Resource Center holding unique collections and resources. For more information, please visit

BOND Celebrates Grand Opening Of South Cove Community Health Center in Malden

Posted on June 28, 2018

(Boston, MA)BOND, the Northeast’s premier full-service construction management and general contracting company, celebrated the Grand Opening of South Cove Community Health Center in Malden. The official ribbon cutting ceremony took place on Tuesday, June 19.  It was attended by Malden’s Mayor Gary Christenson, South Cove’s COO, Eric Tiberi and Executive Director, Eugene Welch, the project team and the local community.

The new Center opened its doors with 14,000 square feet of brightly lit, modern clinical spaces. It offers convenient, quality healthcare under one roof including: pediatrics, internal medicine, ob-gyn, optometry, laboratory care and social services staff. An adjacent parking lot offers ample space for 76 vehicles.

“We are pleased to have partnered with the City of Malden, the project team and our long-standing client, South Cove Community Health Center, to deliver this transformative center to the local communities,” said Michael Walsh, BOND’s Vice President of Healthcare & Life Sciences. “The new clinic offers a premier healthcare experience, closer to home, with all of South Cove’s specialized services.”

The new South Cove Community Health Center is located at 277 Commercial Street in Malden, the previous location of the Malden Evening News. BOND also completed the South Cove Community Health Center in Quincy in 2012, another important project that has since expanded the Center’s offerings within these communities.

About South Cove Community Health Center

South Cove Community Health Center is a premier health center in Massachusetts, serving 25,000 children and adults in the Asian community throughout the Boston area. It was founded in 1972 and provides high quality, community-based health care and health promotion programs which are accessible, linguistically and culturally competent. An affiliate of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Children’s Hospital, the Center has five clinics in Boston, Quincy and Malden. For more information please visit

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