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Mark Luchini

Mark has more than 30 years in the construction industry, focused on the design, coordination, installation, commissioning, and troubleshooting of complex building systems.  He has received professional training in controls, HVAC and electrical systems, energy codes and conservation.

An avid problem solver, Mark enjoys tackling complex infrastructure projects in occupied buildings. Since joining BOND, Mark has led several project teams on infrastructure upgrade projects such Harvard University Biological Laboratories, Brown University Barus & Holley Building/Prince Engineering Laboratory, and UMass Lowell’s North Quad.  As BOND’s Director of Engineering Services, Mark leads a talented team of MEP Managers and Coordinators dedicated to delivering high performance equipment and systems to clients, supporting project teams from preconstruction through turnover, ensuring that budgets are respected, schedules are met, and quality is maintained throughout.

Beyond Bond

Mark grew up in Connecticut but moved to Boston after graduating from college and has never looked back. He lives in Newburyport with his family, and enjoys visiting his son and daughter at Notre Dame, (especially football weekends) and relaxing at Lake Winnipesaukee. He is the lead guitarist for a popular local rock band called 'Don’t Call Me Shirley.'